5 Tips For CSR Reporting

CSR reporting is for companies to document their impact on the environment, economy, and community in a formal report. These reports tend to be published annually and are made publicly available to anyone interested, though the CSR reporting itself remains an ongoing process. CSR reporting presents an ideal opportunity for organisations to become more transparent […]

Why Giving Back To The Community Is Essential For Morale, Awareness, and Growth

In this day and age where information is so accessible, widespread, and dispensable, making a genuine connection with and giving back to the community are all the more important; it’s too easy for businesses to be forgotten amidst the changing tide of trends and fads. With companies also pressured into rewriting their standards of practice […]

Planning Construction Projects That Work For The Community in 4 Simple Steps

Worker planning construction projects

Planning construction projects is both fundamental and challenging. From their design to completion, and however large or small they might be, the planning process will always involve managing and executing factors that relate to people, resources, and budget, in order for the project to be successful. As a result, it is important for construction project […]

Investors In Community Newsletter – Issue Four

We’re kicking off with the Sheffield College and IIC partnership for the 500 Purpose Challenge: The IIC 500 Purpose Challenge has been developed by Investors In Community (IIC) to give young people the opportunity to broaden and develop their skillsets. Through a series of events or development of a mini enterprise, students start to engage […]

How To Be A Socially Responsible Business

Socially Responsible Business

Socially responsible business is key to attracting new customers and clients, as well as top talent. As ethics and the environment become increasingly important to people everywhere, ensuring you have a socially responsible business will set you apart from your competitors, improve brand awareness, and build employee engagement. Take a read of this blog to […]

5 Tips for Authentic ESG Reporting

ESG Reporting

Authentic ESG reporting is important for all businesses to take into account these days. Consumers are increasingly looking for transparency and social responsibility from the organisations they interact with, and so being able to conduct authentic ESG reporting will allow you to showcase your organisation as both environmentally and socially responsible.   It’s not just […]

How To Nail Ethical Manufacturing

ethical manufacturing

Ethical manufacturing is part and parcel of running an environmentally and socially conscious business. As ethical manufacturers, you will be an essential link in the supply chain, allowing your partners to showcase their social value and ethical practices. Being in ethical manufacturing will allow you to win more clients and build brand awareness, ultimately allowing […]

Julia Goodman Interview with Investors In Community

“Our work supports and creates a white light of courage and truth in everything that we do” – Julia Goodman.   Julia was an actor, producer, and director for 27 years. She rose to fame on shows such as Coronation Street, EastEnders, Those Glory Glory Days, The Brothers, The Lotus Eaters and many more. She […]

What Makes Charity Work A Great Employee Benefit?

charity work

Charity work is an increasingly popular way of giving back to your employees, especially as more and more workers from the Gen Z and Millennial age brackets are on the lookout for roles with meaning that allow them to give back to their community.   Employee benefits are expected now by every potential new recruit, […]