There’s no accounting for Social Impact

As the world turned its sights on Social Impact, demonstrated by businesses and companies in the last year or two, and the term ESG (Environmental Social Governance) became commonplace, businesses have started to build this into their new plans. Why?  Because Investors and lenders were demanding evidence of activity  Customers and consumers insisted […]

Social Impact or Social Unrest?

I look around at the myriad of pressures on society this month, ranging from the ever-higher home energy costs, car fuel costs, rising food prices, interest rate increases, and the apparent widening of the divide between those who can afford to live through this period, and those who will need help, and probably need to […]

The Social Value Tsunami is on its way, are you ready?

With Social Value now becoming monetised, both in Government, Local Government and now in the business supply chains, what can we learn? The larger Enterprise businesses already report on their Social Value activities, both Environmental and Community focus, and provide written and published statements Like GDPR before it, Social Value will cascade down the supply […]

Like a baby, born with no teeth, the attributes of Social Value

Social Value was first described as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and then ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and were a “nice to have” It provided companies with the framework to describe their actions that supported others, driven by good will, philanthropy, and a desire to expand both leader’s egos and marketing footprints Then came the Social […]

ESG Pace Quickens – Can Charities Keep Up?

The principles of Environmental, Social, Governance is now becoming embedded within businesses who wish to have a future. Sustainable businesses, from the big corporates to the micro-companies, are now being driven by ESG/ Social Value positions, and the assessment and timeline for compliance is now unforgiving Supply chains are now adopting measures and insisting on […]

Is it Levelling up our Economy or our Society?

Political leaders are currently pushing the message of “Levelling Up” our economy. For too long, they say, the divide between the South of England, and the rest of the UK has deteriorated and widened. Quite right too, that the distribution of infrastructure and government spending needs to be allotted fairly across the regions and the population However, I […]

Investors In Community Newsletter – Issue Seven

In this newsletter we’re sharing a few different ideas for giving back to your community over Christmas, revealing the true meaning behind Boxing Day, encouraging people to get fun projects and fundraisers on the platform, and of course we share some fantastic charities looking for your support this month! How To Give Back To Your Community […]

Investors In Community Newsletter – Issue Six

In this newsletter we’re sharing stories about; the generosity of the city of Sheffield, all about our Responsible Virtual Christmas Parties, 100 Fundraising ideas for every fundraiser, James Timpsons excellent Times article, success stories from Wakefield, and of course we share some fantastic charities looking for your support this month!   Donations in Sheffield on […]