What’s your Social Value?

In the business world, we’re all aware that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming increasingly important for consumers and our colleagues. Sustainable, ethical, environmental organisations who are showcasing social value are rising to the top of their industries as customers become more conscious of their purchasing power.

Whether you are aware or not, your business is being examined for your purpose, your CSR and your Environmental Social Governance (ESG), and if you can’t prove your commitment to these causes, your customers will soon turn the other way. More and more consumers are spending based on a company’s values, and when those companies can authentically care for their communities, that will undoubtedly encourage loyalty and sales engagement.

Construction, manufacturing, and engineering companies need to demonstrate their social value and ESG. When working centrally, people can often be unhappy with the disruption caused by the development projects around them. Localised engagement and support for community projects around each location can encourage buy-in for the project teams and supply chain involved.

Demonstrate your social value and track what you’ve achieved with Investors In Community.

Benefits of Showcasing Social Value with Investors In Community

Measure Your CSR Impact

Our platform lets you monitor each action you and your employees take, meaning you can actually prove your CSR; the donations you give, the fundraising you undertake, the gifts in kind you offer, and the volunteering you take part in. The live dashboards let you see your results really easily so you can track your projects and your progress.


Employee Engagement

Being an advocate for your community and the world around you will showcase your company in the best possible light, making your employees want to shout about your services. Openly supporting great causes shows your business as ethical, forward-thinking, and trustworthy, making you appealing to work with, and to work for. Offering the Investors In Community platform to your employees will encourage them to make a difference for themselves, their community, and their organisation.

Earn Community Credits

Community Credits allow you and your employees to put an actual figure on all your social value and your community-driven hard work. Community Credits can be displayed on your website as proof of your social value as a company, immediately showcasing to any potential clients or recruits just how committed you are to your community.

Impact Your Closest Causes

As well as being for charitable causes, Investors In Community is for you as a business too. As part of the movement, you’ll be able to let your favourite charities and social enterprises know that they can sign up to our platform. It’s free for them and they’ll reap the rewards of more donations as well as more volunteers. This means that you and your employees can choose to make a difference to those causes that are closest to your hearts.

With Investors In Community, you have the opportunity to lead the change, leaving your less community-driven competitors behind. Be a beacon of positivity wherever you pitch up to work. Let the word of mouth spread only great things about your business. Make a real difference to the causes that are closest to your heart. Be an investor in your community.

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