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What Makes Charity Work A Great Employee Benefit?

Charity work is an increasingly popular way of giving back to your employees, especially as more and more workers from the Gen Z and Millennial age brackets are on the lookout for roles with meaning that allow them to give back to their community.


Employee benefits are expected now by every potential new recruit, and so showcasing charity work perks that will in turn benefit the community will attract those employees who share your company values and are ready to make a difference in your local area and beyond.


Benefits of Charity Work for Employers

Offering charity work as an employee benefit can help companies to attract and retain top talent, as companies who openly give back encourage commitment from employees, offering them a deeper sense of connection to their work. What’s more, charity work as an employee benefit showcases the organisation as caring, enhancing their image and improving their reputation as well as brand awareness.


Companies who give their employees paid time off for charity work welcome improved productivity, as they instill a sense of purpose within their employees, improving engagement, and of course, discretionary effort. Furthermore, employees who are able to give back through charity work will be proud to shout about where they work, ultimately attracting more talent to the organisation as more and more people hear about how great the company is, and how wonderful it is to work there. Many companies offering charity work as a benefit also welcome a reduction in sick leave and absenteeism, as employees are more keen to work for a company that gives back to the community, and so naturally, morale is higher.


Choice also plays an important role when it comes to charity work. Allowing employees to choose which projects they’d like to work on improves employee empowerment, letting companies welcome higher levels of commitment at work. Involving your employees in charity work results in stronger teams with great connections. Working towards a common goal such as charity work builds relationships, improves communication, and increases leadership skills and confidence, which ultimately gets reflected back in the workplace. Taking part in charity work as a team also lets employers pinpoint potential leaders within the company, opening up opportunities for development and progression.


Engaging in charity work as a team, and allowing your employees to take paid time off to volunteer too provides engaging content for your website and for your social media channels, bringing further opportunity to be featured in the press. As a community-driven company, you’re also more likely to improve and develop relationships with stakeholders and potential investors, whilst being in line to win more meaningful awards.

charity work


Benefits of Charity Work for Employees

Giving your employees the opportunity to take part in charity work allows them to build connections with their team members, as well as their local communities. Offering choice alongside charity work lets your teams work towards causes they feel the most passionate about, making the benefit of charity work even more meaningful. Taking part in charity work and community projects also gives your employees the opportunity to develop their skill sets in leadership and organisation, improving teamwork, creativity, resilience, communication, and confidence, whilst giving a sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfilment.


Charity work means your employees will be able to try new things and build on their experience levels, allowing you as an employer to welcome improved motivation and workplace wellbeing. Greater levels of trust and collaboration will make their way into your business, as working together towards a charitable goal will allow your team members to connect on a human level, which is not always easy to find within an office or workplace.


What’s more, charity work increases self-awareness, meaning your employees will naturally work on their conflict management skills, as well as decision-making, coordination, organisation, and leadership, all as part and parcel of their charitable efforts. Developing these skills allows your individual employees to progress on a personal and professional level, and the more your employees develop, the further your business will progress too.


The Best Next Steps

Projects within the community often have low budgets for the help they need, and that’s why charity work from companies is so important. Motivated volunteers equipped with expertise as well as specialist skills bring a wealth of value to charities, social enterprises, and community projects; skills that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.


Taking the plunge with charity work as an employee benefit is an easy step to take with Investors In Community by your side. Our portal is home to a plethora of causes who need the help of you and your employees. Wherever you’re based, and whatever your values, we’ve got a charity, community project, or social enterprise that’s looking for someone like you and your team members. Offering your employees the opportunity to give back to a cause that’s meaningful to them will bring improved motivation, morale, and productivity, making it one of the most effective employee benefits for increasing wellbeing and discretionary effort.


Once you’ve signed up as a business, your employees will also get the opportunity to sign up as individuals, letting them choose the causes which are closest to their hearts. They’ll be able to donate, fundraise, or volunteer, earning Community Credits as they go. Plus, signing up your organisation allows your company to earn Community Credits too, letting you showcase your social value, all whilst providing a sustainable, ethical, and meaningful place to work for each and every one of your employees.


Sign up to your free demo now to dip your toes into the waters of charity work and community projects.

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