Top Ten Pandemic Fundraising Ideas

  1. Virtual Bucket Collection
  2. Donate Your Commute
  3. Buy a Christmas Present
  4. Home Challenges
  5. Virtual Quiz Night
  6. Donate Your Skills
  7. Virtual Car Boot Sale
  8. Fitness Fundraising
  9. Virtual Guess It
  10. Isolation Challenges


  • Virtual Bucket Collections:

Many charities make money through spare change Bucket Collections so this was a huge loss for charities in the lockdown. So, we have made it possible to get small donations on the Investors In Community platform just as you would in a bucket collection. Make it happen, get a project on Investors In Community today.


  • Donate Your Commute:

We have saved a lot of money not needing to commute to an office, why not donate what you’ve saved, or even half of what you’ve saved to a Charity Of Your Choice.


  • Buy a Christmas Present

Every year donating shoe-boxes filled with presents is done and this year it feels more important than ever, we have Buddy Bag on the IIC platform which is a “backpack that contains all the essential items a child needs. They include toiletries, pyjamas, socks and underwear. They also include comfort items such as a book, a photo frame and a teddy bear. A Buddy Bag is something a child can call their own, no matter where they go.” Why not Donate To Buddy Bag this Christmas.


  • Home Challenges

Home challenges could be anything, challenge yourself to make an intricate obstacle course and film you trying to complete it. Challenge yourself to bake a cake without a recipe, or maybe spend 24 hours not looking at your phone and film yourself trying to navigate your day, put the videos on Youtube and donate the ad revenue!


  • Virtual Quiz Night

Zoom and other platforms have made communication with large groups of people so easy during this pandemic and virtual quiz nights have become increasingly popular, ask people to donate the price of a drink and a ticket, which is what they would usually spend at a pub quiz and Enjoy Your Night!


  • Donate Your Skills

We all have something we’re good at, right? You could arrange a virtual yoga, cooking or art class and ask people to donate to join in, then donate all the earnings to your favourite charity!


  • Virtual Car Boot Sale

Car boot sales are an excellent way to sell items you no longer need, why not clear out your wardrobe and sell on your old items, you’re saving the environment and doing it all for charity, what could be better?


  • Fitness Fundraising

Set yourself a run, walk, hike or cycle challenge. Why not try to run, walk or cycle the length of the UK? It’s a tough challenge but so rewarding when you’re doing it all for a good cause.


  • Virtual Guess It

Guessing how many sweets or guessing the name of the animal is always a huge hit and that doesn’t have to stop now! Showcase your fundraiser on social media and ask people to donate through your project link to enter their guess.


  • Isolation Challenges

Not needing to be seen in public is the perfect chance to try everything you’ve ever wanted to try, grow a huge Dumbledore style beard, cut your hair into a pixie cut to see what you’d look like, try an eyebrow slit if you want to! Share with friends and family what your plans are and ask them to donate and even provide suggestions of what they’d love to see you do.

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