Social Unrest

Social Impact or Social Unrest?

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I look around at the myriad of pressures on society this month, ranging from the ever-higher home energy costs, car fuel costs, rising food prices, interest rate increases, and the apparent widening of the divide between those who can afford to live through this period, and those who will need help, and probably need to make lifestyle-limiting choices, as to how they exist into the winter of 2022 and into 2023

I am sensing that we are all approaching a crossroads, that means that there are three ways to go forwards:

  1. Keep Calm and carry on
    1. Rely on government support to be able to afford to live
    2. Or you have sufficient money and resources not to worry too much anyway
    3. “I’m alright Jack” approach, where “self” prevails over community


  1. Social Impact
    1. Start to knit communities together, businesses, charities, social companies, and Individuals – to provide co-support to help those in need, and start to “Level Up Society”
    2. Promote people-through-recognition, to volunteer, gift, and support those who need help
    3. Engage companies to spill out into their local community, to provide help and resources, promoting themselves as a great social impact company


  1. Social Unrest
    1. Where people get fed up with the unfairness, the gigantic “company” profits versus the family without food or heat in their houses, and survival is a matter of luck or a postcode
    2. Where unrest grows to active protests
    3. Where protests grow to violent reactions


It has been said before that the move from polite society to anarchy, takes just three weeks given an opportunity or event. For those who remember the Poll Tax Riots of 1990, you’ll understand this context

They say, it often takes a disaster or a war, to create the shock conditions for people based behavioural change, but the combination of adverse factors we are all currently facing, must surely be an equivalent?

Which path will unfold?

What choices can be made, to avert social unrest, create a joined up, fairer community, and start to close the societal divide, based on compassion and fairness, to create sustainable caring communities?

At Investors In Community, we have the method and the systems to create a solid option 2, and help communities achieve Social Impact, and a positive way forwards.

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