Sheffield Chamber & SCCCC’s 2019 Success Story On Investors In Community Platform!

“We are thrilled to announce that Sheffield Chamber raised £500 for SCCCC’s!”

Sheffield Chamber is one of 53 Accredited British Chambers that make up a group of businesses who can network and connect through membership to their local Chamber. Sheffield Chamber is just one of the Chambers that IIC has onboard our platform and we are thrilled to be bringing this number up every day!

When Sheffield Chamber of Commerce first began searching for their latest CSR project after deciding that SCCCC would be their charity of the year, they came across the Investors In Community platform and instantly thought it to be a fantastic idea. The fact that there was no sign-up fee for charities and also no transactional fees from donations encouraged them to join almost immediately.

The platform made it so easy for their staff to get involved and after a few meetings and onboarding sessions, everyone was up and running and their first project was well underway. They encountered a few issues, with this being a fairly new platform, but were very pleased with the help and close attention provided by the team at IIC, if there was an issue it would be fixed as soon as possible. The fact that IIC is a local business meant that we were always easily contactable and we encouraged discussions about how we could improve our platform in the future, we always find that speaking to our users is the best way to find improvements and keep our platform on the rise.

SCCCC is a fantastic organisation who offer many exciting opportunities for the elderly, such as; Good Neighbours Scheme, Hospital To Home Scheme, A&E to Home, Temporary Key Safes and High Seat Chair Loan. A truly deserving organisation who Sam Christmas and Reece Farndale competed in a 10k ASDA foundation run for, their efforts did not go unnoticed and we are thrilled to announce that They Raised £500 For SCCCC’s.

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Sheffield Chamber and SCCCC’s whilst working with Investors In Community!

Here’s what the people involved had to say about Investors In Community:

“I would definitely recommend using the IIC platform, it provided a great introduction to businesses and made everything so easy!

I love that this platform offers charities the chance to make a really beneficial introduction to businesses who are excited to fundraise with them. It also makes businesses aware of their local charities and the really great projects that they can be involved in. I often find that whilst businesses are really keen to join in and help their community, they often don’t know what is it they can do, Investors in Community makes this process so easy.” – Ericka Hill at SCCCC

“Yes we would recommend IIC, it’s an innovative way to bring businesses closer to charities in their local community. We believe that with IIC starting out as a local business this means closer relationships can be formed and it feels more personal this way. We appreciate being included in decision making and find that IIC are always willing to take our ideas and suggestions on board! 

We also love the fact that every donation made goes straight to the charity, there’s no sneaky percentage cut, £10 donated is £10 to your chosen charity.” – Elliot Richards & Reece Farndale at Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

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