Julia Goodman Joins Investors In Community Board of Directors

Julia Goodman Joins IIC Board of Directors:

“Our work supports and creates a white light of courage and truth in everything that we do” – Julia Goodman

Julia was an actor, producer, and director for 27 years. She rose to fame on shows such as Coronation Street, EastEnders, Those Glory Glory Days, The Brothers, The Lotus Eaters and many more. She also founded the British Actors Theatre Company with Kate O’Mara and played leading Shakespearean roles all over the world.

Julia stepped out of the acting world in the late 80s and discovered a new passion: helping people find their truth and their ability to project that. The idea came (as all the best ideas do) while lying in the bath after having played Lady Macbeth across Europe and London, and feeling unsure what the future had in store for her as a divorced, single mother of two, living on less than £90 a week social security when not acting. Julia started her company ‘Personal Presentation’ and in just three years, turned over her first £1 million.

Julia has been on the development board of Dyslexia Action for 17 years and has raised money for ovarian cancer through The Eve Appeal. She is on the board of BAWE (British Association of Women Entrepreneurs) has helped form major corporate companies’ ability to communicate such as KPMG and has continuously raised money, volunteered, and supported charities throughout her career but felt she could do more. Her business helps people find themselves through discovering their personal brand, their passions and to become the best versions of themselves and their ability to communicate and perform that. She is sure to have truth and transparency at the forefront of her business and wants to ensure that everyone feels able to talk about their own truth in a healthy and constructive way.

When asked about why she was keen to join IIC, Julia said “Anything that has a pragmatic realistic truthful and courageous element to it, I’m attracted to and I will bring whatever I can bring to it. IIC simply aligns with my feelings that if you don’t stand up and speak out and do things, then what are you doing?”

We are delighted to have Julia’s skillset and experience coming to IIC as we continue to grow our movement to unite purpose.

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