6 Tips On How To Make Charitable Giving a Habit.

“Try not to focus on how much you can or can’t give, just focus on giving … life is more enjoyable when you give back”

Like many others, I spent years thinking that I couldn’t make an impact because I wasn’t able to donate hundreds of pounds each month but, in 2021, I decided to donate what I could each month and after hosting two fundraisers on the IIC platform and having both charities offer their thanks and gratitude for my small donation, I realised how big my little donation actually was.

So, below are some tips to form a giving habit, but the best tip I can offer is to just give once and then see the impact you’ve created, after that you won’t want to stop!


1. Make It Easy.

It’s important when trying to create a habit to make it easy. Using online giving platforms like IIC ensures that donating regularly is as hassle free as possible. Look into donating with friends who remind you to keep up your new habit, or set up automatic reminders on your phone on each pay day so it’s the first thing you think of when you get your pay check!

“Adopting new habits is only ever difficult for one of two reasons: You don’t understand how habits are structured and how to leverage that structure to your advantage. You are attempting to do too much too soon and setting yourself up for failure.” – Forbes

2. Find What You Care About.

Take a moment to write out a purpose statement, ask yourself what motivates you and what are you interested in. If you love animals, perhaps a wildlife sanctuary is the charity for you. If you’re passionate about helping kids stay active and have access to sports equipment, then maybe look into your local community sports clubs and donate to them. Find what interests you and then start from there.

“A personal mission statement is a statement that defines your values, who you are & how you define success.” – Indeed 


3. Focus On The Reward .

Habits are reinforced by rewards, and the good feeling of helping others is a huge reward. Make sure you can see the impact of your donation, you can do this by following your chosen charity on social media or getting in touch to discuss what each donation enables your chosen charity to do.

“Most people fail to adequately reward themselves for taking action on a beneficial habit. Think about it this way: most addictive and destructive habits have a built in reward system that requires little or no input from you.” – Forbes


4. Small Donations Can Make a Difference.

‘Small actions x lots of people = big change’ any donation is appreciated, by donating whatever you can to your chosen charity, your small contribution is going to make a huge difference in the long term and it can make you feel connected to your community.

“Small actions are easy to do and these are the ones that inspire lots of people to do the things that matter and therefore create big change. So by just being ‘average’ you can change the world – because everyone is powerful, influential and above all inspirational in their own way.” – Change Ready


5. Donate Time, Donate Money, Donate Gifts.

Giving back doesn’t always have to be donating money, on Investors In Community, we facilitate the 5 forms of giving; funds, volunteering, skilled volunteering, pro bono & gifts. So if you’d prefer to donate your time, or even gifts, it’s so easy to get involved! Why not donate an Easter Egg to Liniar’s Easter Egg appeal?

“Giving to charity doesn’t require a lot of disposable income. If you want to make the world a better place, you can still contribute without cutting a big check.” – USA Today


6. Set a Realistic Budget.

Any donation is appreciated no matter how small, If you’re worried about how you’re going to add giving to your routine (especially during a pandemic) make the decision to donate £5 (or even less) each month. Soon it will become an exciting routine of picking a charity or cause you want to help and you’ll see the impact so often that each month you will find yourself wanting to donate more and more!

“If you’re getting serious about your charitable donations and commitment to charitable giving, one of the easiest ways to make it a habit is to incorporate donating to charity into your budget. Whether that means setting money aside at the beginning of the year or as part of your monthly expenses, planning for your charitable donations in advance usually makes for more intentional giving.” – Real Simple

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