For Individuals

 Free To Use Platform

For Individuals, this is a free to use platform, that allows people to give to any listed good cause in the 5 ways of giving. All activity is recorded and able to be retrieved to remind you of the support you have given.

The live marketplace is able to show causes in your area, but if you have other charities that you want to support that are not listed, simply point them at the platform and they can join for free. If you or they need help, we have a support team to assist.

For Individuals

  • Free to use
  • Earn Community Credits for all your giving
  • Easily find causes to help
  • Add your own causes and projects
  • Form fundraising teams around a cause
  • Autonomy in choosing which causes to support
  • Gain rewards for achieving higher levels of Community Credits
  • Support your CV or University statement
  • Lifetime tally of Community Credits that never go away
  • Good to showcase your activity if you are ever between jobs
  • Form or join multiple groups, in your place of work or where you socialise
  • Showcase to your employer your non work related skills and experience
  • Find a sense of purpose and see the ongoing impact of all the good you’re doing in your community

Get involved today.

The IIC platform is the most effective way of connecting organisations, individuals, charities, and community groups to show that by working together powerful and evidenced social impact can be created.
Be part of the movement which is connecting our society and helping us unite purpose.

A little more about our Gift Aid and our cost model...

At Investors in Community, we really value transparency and we know you do too, which is why we wanted to provide some more information on our cost model and the way we handle Gift Aid.

The first thing you need to know is that Investors in Community operates a CIO registered charity (1165530) called Investors in Community Giving. It was set up to act as a charity for all of the individual charities and community groups that use our platform, to provide additional grants and funds.

How Investors in Community Giving receives funds

Our charity receives its income from one of three sources:

  • Via donations from the Citercom Limited company (13770754) T/A: Investors In Community, which charges businesses an annual subscription fee to use its platform.
  • Via Gift Aid from qualifying individuals who donate.
  • Via external grants and donations.

What Investors in Community Giving does with its funds

One of the main aims of our platform is to make sure charities and community groups receive the full face value of all donations from individuals and businesses, without the charges and deductions made by some other charity giving websites.

Rather than pass on these necessary financial charges and make deductions from donations, we cover these costs via the funding received by Investors in Community Giving.

Any surplus funds received from Investors in Community Giving are awarded as grants to charities and community groups (including schools and not for profit organisations) listed on the Investors in Community platform by our board of trustees.

As much of this funding is received via Gift Aid, we try to make sure that, wherever possible, these grants are made within the genre of the original donation. That means that if the original donation was made to a cancer related charity, then the relevant grant (derived from any Gift Aid) will be awarded to the same or similar charity / good cause.

Why we think this makes us different

Some charities tell us that our model of zero charges / deductions and individual grants means that they receive a greater amount than they do via other platforms. Investors in Community Giving has been designed as a fair way to help the whole charity sector.

The Investors in Community Giving charity has no internal overheads, except for covering the financial charges of transactions. No money is ever passed to any profit-making business, retaining 100% of the money that you donate, for the direct benefit of the charity sector.

The trustees would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about Investors in Community Giving. You can contact them by emailing