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5 Amazing Examples of Kindness Through The Covid-19 Pandemic.

  1. Some Good News with John Krasinski.


“No matter how bad life may seem, you can always find some good news to smile about.”

In March 2020, John Krasinski reminded the world to find the good news. Asking his twitter audience to share wholesome stories from around the world, he received an influx of positive stories, and he shared this with the world for free on his YouTube series. He hosted graduation ceremonies, a virtual prom and even married two of his fans in an Office themed virtual wedding.

This series also helped many charities as well, John announced that PepsiCo would be donating $3 million to his Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. He also donated all proceeds from his SGN merchandise and put time and effort into uplifting the spirits of as many people as possible across the world.


  1. Joe Wicks Free Work Out.


Throughout the lockdown, Joe hosted live fitness sessions aimed at kids on his YouTube channel as a way to replace their missed P.E lessons, every weekday at 9am, to help little one’s stay active while the UK and many other countries schools are were closing.

Joe raised over £580,000 for the NHS with his free P.E sessions and helped raise the spirits of children, not only in the UK but worldwide.


  1. Casa Hotel offering Free Rooms For NHS Workers.


The owner of Casa Hotel generously offered a free night’s stay for Chesterfield’s frontline NHS workers who are dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. Each frontline NHS worker has access to a mini bar, a hot meal and breakfast. Mr Perez (Casa Hotel owner) said: “Our NHS staff are doing an exceptional job during these unprecedented times. We’ve all got to try and do our bit to help wherever we can. I’ve got a big hotel which obviously isn’t open to members of the public right now so I wanted to use it to help treat NHS workers in Chesterfield.”

This unbelievably generous offer was an inspiration to businesses across the UK and a glimmer of hope in an otherwise difficult time.


  1. Marcus Rashford raising money for FareShare


“Since March 2020, Marcus has: Helped raise enough money to enable FareShare to distribute the equivalent of over 21 million meals for children and families who might not otherwise eat.” – FareShare

Marcus’ tireless efforts meant that the Child Food Poverty Taskforce was launched which continues to spread awareness of child hunger in the UK. He also created the #MakeTheUTurn campaign which meant 1.3 million children had access to food throughout the pandemic. His work has been an inspiration to many and has saved countless children from going hungry.


5. All the incredible NHS heroes and key workers.

What else can we say other than: Thank you for everything, NHS.


Lastly, we can’t forget the charities who worked tirelessly to ensure the people they support were not forgotten. Lets not forget to show our support to these wonderful organisations, why not kick off your acts of kindness for the day by donating?


Get involved with acts of kindness yourself:

  1. Arrange a virtual catch up with someone you know.
  2. Send someone special a small gift.
  3. Call an old friend.
  4. Remember to tell loved ones that you appreciate them.
  5. Cook for your household.
  6. Don’t underestimate the importance of a clean house.
  7. Jump onto Netflix party and watch a film with family and friends.
  8. Be thankful.
  9. Help neighbours with dog walking.
  10. Lend your ear, charities like Sense are asking for virtual buddies during the pandemic.
  11. If you miss your colleagues, arrange a virtual lunch.
  12. Share sensibly, fake news spreads a lot, remember to check everything you share is legitimate, so you aren’t spreading rumours!
  13. Support your neighbourhood.
  14. Donate to foodbanks.
  15. Donate to charity.
  16. Write a letter to isolated people.
  17. Socially distanced litter picking.
  18. Do your own virtual pub quiz.
  19. Send those who have birthdays in lockdown a quick message, so they know you’re thinking of them.
  20. Take time for yourself, being kind is not only for other people.

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