20 Lockdown Fundraising Ideas

These past few months have made fundraising very difficult but now is the time charities need us more than ever! We have put together a list of some of the best ideas we’ve come across and we hope these provide some good inspiration for your next lockdown fundraisers.

  • Donate your commute.

Donate all the petrol money you’ve saved or even half every month, by now you will have saved 3 months worth of petrol money, maybe consider donating alternate months! Whatever works for you.

  • Bingo Night.

This is great to do with friends or employees! A Charity Bingo Night is “one of the most effective and fun ways to raise funds for your organisation or cause”.

  • Raffle.

“A Charity Raffle can be an extremely successful fundraising method, raising high profits and supporter engagement. Setting up and running a charity raffle is low-cost, especially when prizes have been donated”.

  • Virtual bucket collector. 

We have a few Charities Doing This On Our Platform you essentially post a small £100 target project and ask people to donate their petty change just as they would for a bucket collection.

  • Round up money.

Online shopping a lot recently? Do you find due to the sales a lot of your purchases end in odd pennies? Round up those pennies to the nearest pound and donate, you may not think this will be a lot but if everyone did this, imagine how much good it would do.

  • Donate whatever you’re not spending money on.

Is there something you regularly buy? A morning coffee or your regular sandwich at lunch? Donate those few pounds to a charity or good cause, to you it may be £1+ but if everyone did this the results would be incredible.

  • Home challenges.

Bake, create an obstacle course, paint a rainbow make this a competition between employees or friends and all vote for the best, ask for £1 per entry and whoever wins gets to donate the money to the charity of their choice.

  • Do something crazy with your hair.

Thinking of shaving it all off? Why not ask people to send in suggestions and pay money to have you do it, such as giving yourself a mohawk and taking a picture to send to the work or family group chat, this will be a funny fundraiser for sure!

  • Virtual pub quiz. 

Easy and a classic, host a quiz night and donate what you would’ve spent on a pint or portion of chips to enter, the winner picks the charity the proceeds will be donated to.

  • Find items to donate later.

Now is the perfect time to clear your wardrobe and donate those old clothes, find a charity that’s in need of clothing items and donate through the IIC platform.

  • Wash your hands.

Every time you wash your hands put 10p in a jar, create a competition within the office and see who is the cleanest. It’s an unusual competition but competitive people will do anything to win!

  • Remote portraits.

Ask employees kids to draw a portrait of their parent, best portrait gets to donate £100 to their chosen charity. Parents will also be thankful for the new exciting activity for their children!

  • Sponsored silence.

Are you a bit of a chatterbox? Would staying silent be a struggle for you? Why not test how far you can go and ask people to sponsor your silence.

  • Share your skills.

Does one of your employees have a skill they could share like baking or playing an instrument, ask if they would do a class and give the donations to their chosen charity. A great excuse to show off as well!

  • Movie night!

Create a Netflix Party and ask people to donate the cost of a cinema ticket to join.

  • Looking for a funky new logo?

Ask people to design a new company logo! Entry costs £1 and it will be posted up on the website for a month, this could particularly appeal to employees kids who are stuck at home! It could also encourage aspiring graphic designers to participate.

  • Give it up.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without? Would your friends and family sponsor you to give it up for a week, a month or even longer? Share daily updates with your supporters to let them know how well you’re doing and watch the pennies pile up.

  • Donate your drink.

We would all love to grab a G&T at the bar and kick back so why not try donating your drink? How much does that rum and coke usually cost you? Put it towards a good cause and help out in your community!

  • Run, jog, walk, bike.

Set a tough goal and reach it whether it’s a 10k run or 25k hike people love to see you push your limits so set up a fundraiser now!

  • Birthday fundraiser.

There’s not really much to do for our birthdays this year so why not make it memorable by asking friends and family to donate to a charity you care about!

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