10 Little Ways You Can Help Others During The Covid-19 Pandemic.

  • Give your neighbours who may be isolating alone your phone number.

This is such a simple but effective way of helping, all you need to do is listen and talk to them, they will appreciate it.

  • Put rainbows and colourful pictures up in your windows.

I don’t know about you but when I walk past houses and see Rainbows and the words ‘stay safe’ splattered across all the houses I feel as though I’m not alone in this.

  • Organise a game night for your street.

Have you seen the masses of people playing bingo with their whole streets? Or the pubs that have been doing live quiz nights? Why not get involved and encourage people out for a bit of fresh air!

  • Write a letter to your relatives.

Is it just me that finds receiving a Handwritten Letter a real treat? It helps you stay connected to the real world and it keeps you focused on something if you know a letter is coming. Write one to them and I guarantee they’ll appreciate it!

  • Shop for your vulnerable neighbours.

This is the easiest, you’re going out to do your own shopping anyways so help them out and pick up a few bits for them!

  • Start a traffic light scheme on your street with neighbours.

This is the red, yellow and green system, this is a way to know how your neighbours are doing. Red means they are not doing well, please call and check on them. Yellow means they’re ok, it’s a difficult day but they are coping. Green means they are doing well. Mental health is now more important than ever, be sure to stay safe!

  • If you are young, healthy and not in a high-risk category consider getting a job in your local supermarket or as a delivery driver.

Right now, key workers such as warehouse workers, supermarket staff and delivery drivers are struggling and they need help more than ever, consider helping out and Getting A Job if you are safe to do so.

  • If you can cook, play an instrument, sing or do anything else, consider starting an online class to share your skills.

Right now we have a lot of time on our hands and there are people who want to Learn Some New Skills, so why not help them out and share yours! This can be applied to so many roles such as photography lessons, singing lessons, drawing lessons, cooking lessons, musical instrument lessons, language lessons and many more.

It’s easy to forget to stay in touch but now it is so important; facetime them, call them, plan a quiz night, plan to cook together and all sit down for a meal, download Netflix Party and watch the series you’ve been meaning to, play Animal Crossing or the Sims through all hours of the night, clear out your wardrobe and do a fashion show with them, start a book club. Try to live as normal as you can, try to stay positive and just remember that when all this is over, you will be able to hug your friends and family so tight, that day will come don’t lose hope.

Finally, one of the easiest options to help is to join Investors In Community, it’s completely free and we have Hundreds Of Charities Just Waiting For Your Help. ‘IIC’ is a digital platform that enables businesses and individuals to donate, volunteer and gift to charity and community initiatives that matter to you. It provides access to many good causes, empowers you and your friends, and brings a wider choice to your giving. As a business, it gives you the power to measure; report on and deliver positive marketing messages to each and every one of your audiences. Quite simply, it’s a tool that will manage your giving.

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