Thank you for your kind donation.

Investors In Community platform brings together Individuals, Businesses and Charities to
create, find, engage and execute activities to
Fundraise, Donate, Volunteer, Pro-bono and Gift Items
whilst rewarding its users with Community Credits !

Investors In Community is more than just a platform … It’s a movement to facilitate
the improvement of the lives of people and of communities.
We do this by:
simplifying the process to engage and rewarding users for all activities
100% of all fundraising and donations go to the desired cause – No transaction fee’s
driving collaboration projects to tackle social challenges and improve impact results

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Investors In Community Giving is a Charity registered in England, (Charity number: 1165530)

The Investors in Community Giving charity has no internal overheads, except for covering the financial charges of transactions. No money is ever passed to any profit-making business, retaining 100% of the money that you donate, for the direct benefit of the charity sector.
The Charity Objects are to re-distribute funds to UK based registered charities, constituted community groups and Not-for-Profit organisations.
The trustees would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about Investors in Community Giving.

You can contact them by emailing: