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We are a dedicated team who love what we do. We build strong bonds with businesses, good causes and individuals, whilst focusing on their individual needs and expectations through CSR, Fundraising and Volunteering.

With an early career of finance in Asia, Justin went on to establish Broker Services, which became Barclays Stockbrokers.

Today he is one of the most recognisable and trusted market commentators on television, radio and in the press. He co-founded 7IM to deliver radical common sense in an industry where that quality is hard to find. He is an enthusiast for greater financial education and investment structures for both investors and companies needing easier access for funding. As a result, he has helped in the establishment of Proshare, and the development of the AIM market and recently Justin founded Regionally and holds the position as Chairman.


Phil started his career working for IBM UK as a hardware specialist. Established a hardware/services business in 1990, growing to over £6.7M selling on in 1996. Since set up, merged, and sold 5 SME businesses, in the areas of software development, training, and business consultancy

1996 he was elected Chamber President, and in the same year represented SME businesses in the CBI Regional Council.

Published 3 business books, leading to university lecturing about rapid change management, and is the legal custodian of the research from Stanford University, of the SWOT Analysis.

Now operates as founder and CEO of Investors In Community. Email: Philip.webb@investorsincommunity.org

Managing Director

Ross’ background is in local government, where he spent seven years working as the Proper Officer of a Parish Council in Derbyshire.

As soon as Ross was told about Investors In Community, he wanted to be involved in developing the idea into a nationally recognised platform which can benefit business, individuals and good causes.

He joined Investors In Community as the Operations Manager and has been key in driving the implementation of the new platform which was released in 2019. Email: ross.shipman@investorsincommunity.org

Operations Manager

David was around at the inception of Investors In Community, when we were looking at a way of bringing together businesses and community groups.

Having worked in finance since leaving school, he was aware of how many businesses had an aspiration for community awareness but without any easy way of joining up their strategies with cohesive action; so the IIC platform was an ideal solution.

Personally, he is passionate about community engagement and has been active in both his own community and a number of charities for many years.

Email: david.hancock@investorsincommunity.org
Human Resources

Tracey has many years of customer facing roles from reception, sales and as a network engineer for Shell Oil in London. Working with some of the largest organisations and educational establishments across the UK, Tracey has honed her skills to engage senior teams within businesses through to some of the harder to reach charities across the UK.

Joining IIC in 2019 Tracey has always been involved in “helping people” and is integral to the relationships being formed throughout the charity and community projects on the platform

Email: tracey.oley-jones@investorsincommunity.org
Business Development Executive

Tracey has many years of customer facing roles from reception, sales and as a network engineer for Shell Oil in London.

Tracey joined IIC in 2019 as she has always been involved in “helping people”, whether that was as an individual or for a charitable organization.

If she had to give one piece of advice to children today, it would be a smile and good manners cost nothing but make a huge difference to those receiving them.

Client Liaison Manager

Sophie graduated from College with a Level 3 in photography and moved into the marketing sector and has previously worked both freelance and full time with companies to help them with their digital marketing. Her previous experience with studying photography also ensures she has a keen eye for design so she loves that she can use that skill in this position.

Sophie joined Investors In Community in 2019 and can honestly say that she has thoroughly enjoyed every single day. She loves that the work done at IIC helps charities and good causes and hopes to help create closer ties and relationships between businesses and the community.

Email: sophie.ellingham@investorsincommunity.org
Marketing Co-ordinator

Dave has over 30 years in the communication industry with a sales, marketing, and brand management background and several years in development roles within the professional service industry.

He has worked with many national organisations, regional businesses, and those in the charity sector. Mainly working with the senior teams to develop their strategies and identify the right actions to deliver on to see the results come through.

Dave is now responsible for building the IIC brand and working with the team to deliver cohesive strategies to engage businesses, charities and the wider public.

Email: dave.clarkson@investorsincommunity.org
Director of Sales and Marketing

Zoey worked for 13 years with Mencap supporting People into Employment and educating employers to understand the barriers people with learning disabilities face on a day to day basis.

She wanted to carry on working within a company that gives back to the community and has values that support the local community and engage with business that have the same vision for the future,

Zoey’s mantra: “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching”

Email: Zoey.purdy@investorsincommunity.org
Business Relationship Manager

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