Measure, Record and Evidence​

Until now, companies and individuals, who give and support their communities and charities, have measured their giving, using basic systems, often informal or unstructured. Mostly, they measure their outputs and their giving, but hardly ever the IMPACT of their giving

IIC provide individuals and organisations, their own statistics dashboard, that measures donations, volunteering, gifting, and number of supported projects

It also provides links to historic projects that you have supported, providing an answer to “what did you do last summer”

Good Causes
The giving is received by the Good Causes, who then accept and verify the giving in the platform processes.
Verification is essential to create accurate reports and commentary, on the giving you have made. In the future, it may be needed to insert CSR reports into company financial accounts for example and is certainly required to apply to receive CSR Accreditations.
Impact Statments
Upon completion, the recipient Good Cause completes an IMPACT statement that can be used to accurately reflect not just what you did, but the result of what you have given others. The Impact statement summarises the key metrics, but then the good cause can provide summary text and images to support the project completion.
Impact statements then become the marketing storyboards, that share the story of your good work with others, both internally and externally, via press and social media.
CSR Credentials
Sales tendering increasingly requires applicants to show and demonstrate their community links and CSR credentials, and IIC reporting provides the answer.
Easy Exporting
Reports in various forms can be downloaded from the IIC platform, to form part of your overall CSR reporting, saving you time and money by having everything in one place, in the right format.
Detailed Measurement
Measurement of giving provides the opportunity to compare between others, layer reward systems internally to team members, and to provide trend analysis of engagement. As organisational CSR becomes mainstream, it is essential to utilise a verifiable report and measurement system, and evidence all the good work you do.

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