For Businesses

We have developed an easy to use CSR management tool with a key focus to ensure that organisations can stay in control of their giving. Organisations can manage staff volunteering their time during work hours and the donations by the business – all of which can be filtered into valuable impact reports that will help you show what good looks like.

The live marketplace is able to show causes in your area, but if you have other charities that you want to support that are not listed, simply point them at the platform and they can join for free. If you or they need help, we have a support team to assist.

Show your CSR impact

Social Responsibility improves an organisations public image and relationship with staff and consumers. Customers want to trust organisations they engage with. Employees want to work for values-driven employers and investors want to know that a company is addressing its ethical responsibility. The IIC giving platform is the perfect place to benchmark, record, evidence and report your support

The Meaning of CSR

“Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders”

Earn Community Credits and show your
Social Value

Every act of giving is measured and rewarded by system generated Community Credits. These can then be used to show your organisations social value. This becomes a really powerful way to engage and retain staff, attract new talent, build reputation and so much more. We believe that Community Credits will become the de-facto measure of giving in the years ahead, and again is unique to the Investors In Community platform. 

We are finding that organisations increasingly need to show social value and social IMPACT, when they tender for work, showcase themselves to customers, and if they wish to work towards the national CSR Accreditation (CSR-A).

  • Employee engagement – they have a stake and control of choosing
    community Projects
  • Social Impact – comprehensive reporting, admin and auditing made easy and automatic
  • Showcase your organisation’s social value and how you support your communities
  • Deliver and measure all the ways you give donations, fundraising,
    skilled volunteering, general volunteering, gifts in kind
  • Easy to use, live dashboards with sub team dashboards if you wish
  • Add your supported causes to the platform
  • The use of the platform by business or individual is unlimited
  • Search and choose multiple good cause projects to support from
    small community projects right through to national charities
  • Communicate with your teams of volunteers and fundraisers and
    track their projects and progress
  • Easy communication with good causes via the platform

For businesses, large and small

The platform is available as a monthly or annual subscription, based on the number of individual employees in the organisation using the platform.


Once an organisation has joined the platform, they can then reach out to their staff, and invite them to join the platform as individuals connected to the organisations profile. To do this they need to select a subscription plan inside their organisations account.

What does it cost?

It’s that simple. And remember that for the Charities and Community Groups – this incurs no charges whatsoever. No monthly fee, no deductions from donations, no credit card or transaction fees. We think it is only fair that those who need help, are not charged for the ability to ask. We are the only platform that charges the recipient good causes NOTHING.

This can also be broken down into monthly payments.

Interested in getting your business signed up?

Click here to follow our easy step-by-step guide to signing up your business:  Quickstart Business Sign Up

Here’s a guide for Onboarding.

Here’s a guide for Adding Projects.

Here’s a guide for Creating Groups.

Here’s a guide for  Employee – Sign Up

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

Get involved today.

The IIC platform is the most effective way of connecting organisations, individuals, charities, and community groups to show that by working together powerful and evidenced social impact can be created.

Be part of the movement which is connecting our society and helping us unite purpose.