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Investors In Community - Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

‘IIC’ is a digital platform which enables businesses and individuals to donate, volunteer and gift to charity and community initiatives that matter to you. It provides access to many good causes, empowers you and your friends, and brings a wider choice to your giving. As a business, it gives you the power to measure; report on and deliver positive marketing messages to each and every one of your audiences. Quite simply, it’s a tool that will manage your giving.

Our Background

Investors In Community was started when it was clear that the third sector relationships with business was largely disorganised and there was nothing to drive the social contributions between the three pillars of giving – companies, individuals and good causes.

Business Members

We have developed a business management tool with a key focus to ensure that companies can stay in control of their giving with our unique, easy to use dashboard. Companies can manage staff volunteering their time during work hours and the donations by the business – all of which can be filtered into reports that suit you


Free to Use for all Charities, Good Causes & Individuals

By providing a tool that gives business that cutting edge in managing their Social Responsibility, it has allowed us to create a platform free to use by all individuals and good causes.

Community Credits

Every individual and business will earn ‘Community Credits’ for all forms of giving which will drive activity as they compete against friends and neighbours to invest the most in their community.

Our Team

We are a dedicated team who love what we do. We build strong bonds with businesses, good causes and individuals, whilst focusing on their individual needs and expectations through CSR, Fundraising and Volunteering.

Meet the team



Justin Urquhart-Stewart

Chair of 7IM
Notable figure in City finance
Ex Barclays investment bank


Managing Director

Phil Webb

Ex IBM Specialist
29 years’ experience in growth businesses
First business 0-£6.7M in 4 years
Business consultant to several hundred businesses
Ex Chamber president, CBI Councillor
Author of 3 published books
Email: Philip.webb@investorsincommunity.org


Non-Executive Director

Sasha Stupar

MD of Riverside Capital
Property investment specialist



Cognition Foundry

Ex IBM Specialists, with 100+ years’ experience in technology and innovation Skilled in agile tech design, development and POC Enterprise engagement/relationships Global reach Strategic and market planning

Operations Manager

Ross Shipman

Ross’ background is in local government, where he spent seven years working as the Proper Officer of a Parish Council in Derbyshire.
As soon as Ross was told about Investors In Community, he wanted to be involved in developing the idea into a nationally recognised platform which can benefit business, individuals and good causes.
He joined Investors In Community in November 2016 as the Operations Manager and has been key in driving the implementation of the new platform which was released in February 2019.
Email: ross.shipman@investorsincommunity.org


Human Resources

David Hancock

David was around at the inception of Investors In Community, when we were looking at a way of bringing together businesses and community groups.
Having worked in finance since leaving school, he was aware of how many businesses had an aspiration for community awareness but without any easy way of joining up their strategies with cohesive action; so the IIC platform was an ideal solution.
Personally, he is passionate about community engagement and has been active in both his own community and a number of charities for many years. If he had to give one piece of advice to children today, it would be to get involved and not rely on other people to make the changes you want to see.
Email: david.hancock@investorsincommunity.org


Business Development Executive

Lisa Newton

During her career Lisa has worked on both sides of the table, with charities and businesses, as a fundraiser, in a variety of team environments and in client relationship building roles. So, she’s seen both sides of the scenario that the Investors in Community platform solves and knows the value of staff involvement to an organisation. She’s incredibly enthusiastic about helping businesses exceed their CSR objectives.
Outside of work Lisa has been a charity volunteer helping with fundraising, including taking part in various challenges for charity such as the London Marathon & Tough Mudder.
Email: lisa.newton@investorsincommunity.org


Client Liaison Manager

Tracey Oley-Jones

Tracey has many years of customer facing roles from reception, sales and as a network engineer for Shell Oil in London.

Tracey joined IIC in 2019 as she has always been involved in “helping people”, whether that was as an individual or for a charitable organisation.

If she had to give one piece of advice to children today, it would be a smile and good manners cost nothing but make a huge difference to those receiving them.

Email: tracey.oley-jones@investorsincommunity.org


Marketing Assistant

Sophie Ellingham

After graduating College with a Level 3 in photography, Sophie moved into the marketing sector and has previously worked both freelance and full time with companies to help them with their digital marketing. Her previous experience with studying photography also ensures she has a keen eye for design so she loves that she can use that skill in this position.
Sophie joined Investors In Community in 2019 and can honestly say that she has thoroughly enjoyed every single day. She loves that the work done at IIC helps charities and good causes and hopes to help create closer ties and relationships between businesses and the community.
If she had to give one piece of advice to children today, it would be: try things and don’t be afraid to make mistakes because you only really fail when you don’t get back up and try again!
Email: sophie.ellingham@investorsincommunity.org


Director of Sales and Marketing

Dave Clarkson

Dave has over 30 years in the communication industry with a sales, marketing and brand management background and several years in development roles within the professional service industry. Dave is now responsible for building the IIC brand and working with the team to deliver cohesive strategies to engage businesses, charities and the wider public.


Business Development Executive

Zoey Purdy

Zoey Purdy Worked 13 years with Mencap supporting People into Employment and educating employers to understand the barriers people with learning disabilities face on a day to day basis.
Zoey wanted to carry on working within a company that gives back to the community has values that support the local community and engage with business that have the same vision for the future,
Zoey’s mantra: “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching”
Email: Zoey.purdy@investorsincommunity.org

Investors in Community Foundation Charity - Board of Trustees - Email


Chair of Trustees

Tony Vickerman



Bill Wilson



Jeremy Rhodes

  • For IIC to be the ‘go to’ platform for all giving for businesses and good causes of all sizes
  • For ‘Community Credits’ to become the standard measurement of all types of giving
  • We aim to facilitate closer ties and relationships between businesses and the community
  • Free to use, no financial deductions from your donation
  • Providing a professional management tool for businesses
  • IIC platform is the defacto place to conduct all businesses CSR
  • To create an International legacy

Investors In Community Limited. Registered in England & Wales No. 09609335 at 107 Coney Green Business Centre, Wingfield View, Clay Cross, Chesterfield, S45 9JW